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Online Backup Reviews

Online Backup Reviews For Your Storage Requirements

Online Backup And Storage Comparison Chart

Online Backup Reviews myPCBackup Online Backup Reviews Carbonite Online Backup Reviews

Mozy Online Backup Reviews

Dropbox Online Backup Reviews Online Backup Reviews
Access Online Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Account 14 Days With Unlimited Storage No 2GB MozyHome 2GB 5GB Personal
Free Trial 14 Days 15 Days 2GB MozyHome 2GB 5GB Personal
Private File Sharing Yes No No Yes Yes
Public File Sharing Yes No No Yes Yes
Desktop Installation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto File Synchronize Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Sharing Yes No No Yes Yes
Windows Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy Restore Yes Yes Yes No No
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chat Support No Yes Yes No No
Key Feature Online Backup
& Restore, Storage & File Sharing
Online Backup
& Restore
Online Backup
& Restore
Online Storage
& File Sharing
Online Storage & File Sharing

Unlimited Plan

Unlimited Storage

Sync Multiple Computers

for 2 yrs plan

for 1 yr plan

Carbonite Home

1 computer

Carbonite Business


Carbonite Business Premier



1 computer

3 computers


$3.95/mth plus

$6.95/mth plus

Pro 50

50GB $9.99/mth

Pro 100

100GB $19.99/mth

Personal Plan


50GB $19.99/mth

Business Plan

500GB $15/user/mth

Best Value For Money Number One For Online Backup  Number Two For Online Backup  Number Three For Online Backup   Number Four For Online Backup  Number Five For Online Backup
Visit Site Get myPCBackup Online Backup Get Carbonite Online Backup Get Mozy Online Backup Get DropBox Online Backup And Storage Get Box Online Backup And Storage

* Prices and features are subjected to change. Kindly visit the respective websites for the latest pricing and features.

Online Backup - myPCBackup

Online storage is the ability to save important data, documents, photos and music on the internet and is also known as online backup or cloud storage. There are numerous providers of such service and it is no wonder that many users are looking for online backup reviews as a reference before selecting the right one that suits their needs.

Online storage is an excellent feature that many companies such as myPCBackup, Google, IDrive, Mozy, SugarSync, Storegate, Dropbox and a whole host of others provide. Users are given a certain amount of space (usually a minimum of 2GB) or for certain period of time for free, and have an option to upgrade to other plans for a specified fee. Online storage is a wonderful feature to use - how many times have you had issues with trying to recover a lost file or forgot to bring your USB pen drive or other hardware storage gadget to that all-important business meeting or presentation? Well, now thanks to online storage providers, this concern is a thing of the past and you can easily use online backup reviews to help you pick the best online storage service.

The Benefits Of Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is another term for online storage or online backup - the backing up of data online as opposed to a physical device on your computer. Most cloud storage service providers offer plans to meet each individual's or company's needs and several of them also offer automatic updating of data as it is created or amended. Cloud storage is a magnificent way of ensuring that you never lose data again and many of us unwittingly use cloud storage on a daily basis because several email providers offer this service free.

In these days, it is more important than ever that we have the ability to backup files and data. Portable devices for saving such data has been available for years - floppy disks, external hard drives, pen drives, CD and DVD are to name but a few. Add to that, all modern computers and laptops have a generous hard drive space on their systems. But is that really enough to protect your important data?

What if, for example, one of the portable hard drives is lost or damaged? Or what if your computer or laptop fails to operate, or perhaps gets infected with a virus and need to have a system restore thereby causing you to lose everything saved on it? These are only a few examples of how important files and data can be lost. With cloud computing, you won't need to worry about losing important files anymore.

There are several online storage companies out there, all vying for your business. When there are so many to choose from, how do you make your selection? How can you figure out which one is the best? That's where online backup reviews come into play.

A Smart Way To Find The Best Online Storage

Online backup reviews will certainly help you in deciding which online backup service provider to go for. Most of these reviews present you with a variety of online backup service providers and contain details of how each works, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Before you search for online backup reviews, it is good to have some idea of the kind of features that you require an online backup service provider to offer. Such of the considerations may include:

• The amount of online backup space that you require and how many computers you need it for.

• How does the company manage the security of your data? This is a very important consideration and you will want to be absolutely sure that your uploaded data is safe.

• Do they offer a free trial so that you can try before you buy?

• Do they have a technical support team that works round the clock for you should you encounter any problems?

It's Wise To Do Some Research

Once you have thought about the features that you need, you will have a better understanding of the terminology and plans that are indicated on the online backup reviews for each company mentioned. Many online backup reviews are given by customers who have tried and tested the service and are therefore in the best position to offer genuine, honest and helpful advice first hand.

It is good practice to read at least a few online backup reviews and shop around just as you would for any other purchase. They should preferably contain the following information as it will help to make your research easier and more meaningful:

• First of all, it should give you a general idea of the things you should be considering when looking to buy online backup service.

• You should be able to easily search for online backup reviews by category, depending on the type of online backup you require, be it business, personal, etc.

• t should provide details of the service offerings of the major online backup providers, including an up-to-date rating of each of them. This will make it a really good place to start when you are looking to buy online backup solution.

• Online back reviews should also offer you a good choice of online storage options to pick from. The reviews should be frequently updated so you can be sure that you are getting the most up-to-date information and choices on offer.

Find A Reliable Service For Your Storage Needs

There are numerous online storage providers and many of them promise great things. So how do you know which to go for?

By using online backup reviews as a guide, you will really get a feel of which is a better deal. The answer is not as simple as just reading one or reviews. By reading at least a couple of online backup reviews, you will learn to recognize which company names seem to ring out more in terms of offering value for money and reliability. After all, what you really need is a secure and reliable service.

My advice would be to make some quick notes as you read through the reviews. Take note of the providers name and put an appropriate number of stars beside the names of the providers who get a 'thumbs-up' from your reading of the reviews.

As you go through the list of online backup reviews, you can use the number of stars you have assigned to a company to decide whether you wish to evaluate that provider any further. By studying these reviews you will be able to see much more clearly the companies to avoid and those that look promising. Granted this procedure will take some time but as the old adage goes, 'Rome wasn't built in a day'! Furthermore, think of the money that you could potentially save by using online backup reviews as a reference.

I should also mention at this point that online backup reviews are available for free; you just need to spend some time reading them. Don't be caught out with unreliable companies and make sure you enlist the help of online backup reviews; it will be your saving grace when looking for an online backup service provider. Online backup reviews will certainly help you make a sound decision when you decide to purchase online storage

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